Channel 7: Don't broadcast sexist Lingerie Football League

Channel 7: Don't broadcast sexist Lingerie Football League

12 November 2013
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Kerry Stokes (Board of Directors, Chairman, Non-Executive Director) and 4 others
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Started by Caitlin Roper

The Australian newspaper reported yesterday that Channel Seven (7mate) will be broadcasting the Lingerie Football League when it comes to Australia in December.

The Lingerie Football League involves women in lingerie playing gridiron, getting sweaty and physical with each other. They are not allowed to wear any additional garments and they must agree to accidental nudity. This is not sport, it is objectification of women masquerading as a sport.    The Australian Sports Commission has raised concerns about the sexualisation of women in sport. The ASC have also confirmed the LFL does not adhere to the core principles of sport and they do not support it. Other sporting associations, such as the AWRA have similarly condemned the LFL as "sexist and demeaning to all women".   While there are so many legitimate women's sporting leagues that struggle to get sponsorship and media attention, and while the achievements of female athletes are already unreported in the media, it is appalling that Channel Seven would disregard clothed women in sport in favour of woman playing in their underwear. 

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This petition had 8,054 supporters

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  • Kerry StokesBoard of Directors, Chairman, Non-Executive Director
  • Ryan StokesBoard of Directors, Non-Executive Director
  • Don VoelteBoard of Directors, Deputy Chairman, Non- Executive Director
  • Peter GammellBoard of Directors, Non-Executive Director
  • Saul ShteinHead of Sport