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ChangeTheDate to January 19th Australia Day (19.01 Federation 1901)

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January 26 Australia Day doesn't make sense, we cannot unite on the date the British started colonisation here. We need a date we can ALL CELEBRATE! January 26 commemorates the settlement of the First Fleet, this is not an appropriate anniversary for a national day. Most countries observe their respective national day on their day of independence. No other nation has the settlement of another country as their national holiday. It represents Invasion to many people. 

"Australia Day should be a source of unity, pride and celebration that reflects the identities, histories and cultures of all Australians." Justin Mohamed, CEO of Reconciliation Australia. 

Change the date of Australia Day to 19.01, because the Federation of Australia was 1901. We celebrate 117 years of federation in 2018! This can bring the states and territories together. This act made Australia separate from Britain as a federated nation. 

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act was proclaimed on 1 January 1901 in Centennial Park, Sydney with Sir Edmund Barton as the first Prime Minister of Australia! 

Changing the date is important to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We need to respect the first nations as the traditional owners of the land. This will be a big step for reconciliation. January 1 has been proposed because of Federation however this is New Years Day and would be overshadowed by this. Other dates that have been proposed are May 8, but this holds no historical significance and may clash with mothers day; March 3 for Australia Act 1986, but this has little meaning as a lesser known date involving politicians and may clash with Labour day WA. 

January 19th is only a week earlier than traditional Australia Day January 26th. It has historical significance to celebrate as being based on the Federation of Australia 1901 and therefore unites the Australian states and territories. Please sign the petition and changethedate. This requires Federal Government approval as a National Public Holiday. 


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