Change Your Hateful Logo!

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John L. Cook, well-known Argentinian clothing company, was founded in 1975. Their logo is the Confederate flag of the United States. Their clothes are popular with teens and they have stores in malls throughout the country. 

The flag is recognizable by many Argentinians due to the car on “The Dukes of Hazzard” TV show in the 80s. But most Argentinians –especially the teens who are Cook’s biggest customers— are unaware of the flag’s racist meaning.

Imagine growing up with a swastika on your jeans and never knowing what it meant. Just because a symbol is used in another country doesn’t mean that its other meanings are erased. As a global-facing company, Cook can’t afford to brush aside the flag’s  racist history in the US, and it’s dishonest to pretend that it’s just a random piece of Americana. No one should be making money off a symbol of hate.  

It’s time for Cook to change their logo.

John L. Cook could be a great example in Argentina. As Walmart and Apple have been, among many other international companies, who finally stopped ignoring the pain that this flag provokes.

The Confederate flag as a logo contradicts the message of love that Cook tries to convey in its messaging. In its Instagram account, the company quotes Martin Luther King: “Hate is a burden too great to bear.”

Cook should listen to these words and change the symbol of hatred that currently represents their brand. Sign this petition to ask John L. Cook S.A. to stop involving its customers in a message of hate they don’t identify with.