Give Kpop Idols Their Human Rights Back!

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We were born with human rights and taught that slavery ended years ago, but there is a form of modern slavery that exists today in the Korean music industry. Kpop has been sweeping the world the past few years, but many people are not aware that there is a dark side behind the genre's glamor. Idols are paid low wages, experience intense pressure by their agency, are overworked by their agency, and are derived of their freedom. They are treated like slaves in that they must obey their agency's every order or else they get punished or kicked out. Many idols have died or admitted to suffering from mental health issues due to this brutality, including Kim Jonghyun, U;Nee, Taeyeon, and Suzy. My goal is not to bring anyone back alive or reverse their mental illnesses. I want to alieviate the burdens an idol must go through to reach his/her dream of becoming a singer. Please join me in this petition to bring change to the Kpop industry. Let us protect these singers by convincing Korea's Fair Trade Commission to come up with laws that can lessen these issues. Idols are human and deserve better after all the things they do for fans all over the world.