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Three out of four Americans participating in a recent survey believe the War on Drugs is a failure. However, it is not politically acceptable to have a public debate on Drug Policy.

My goal is to encourage Congress to debate the current drug policy and then develop a new drug policy that ordinary Americans can support and advocate. The War on Drugs is a global concern and changing US Drug Policy is an effective first step to making a global change.

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I believe it is time for Congress to debate the current policy of Drug Prohibition, with the goal of developing a more effective policy.

In the past it has been political suicide to challenge the War on Drugs. However, the public realizes that imprisoning 400,000 - 500,000 people for drug possession does not solve the drug addiction problem. In addition, the cost to enforce this failed War is greater than $44 billion per year. Surely there are better places to spend this money rather than building more prisons. Add in the violence created with Drug Cartels trying to protect their black market turf and it is clear we need a new drug policy.

It is time to let go of the fear tactics and use some common sense to deal with drug abuse.

Are you ready to make America a safer and more humane place to live?

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