Change the McClymonds High School Mascot

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The Social Justice Liberation Coalition (SJLC) of McClymonds High School finds that our current school mascot (a Native American warrior) is culturally insensitive and dehumanizing. It is a major misrepresentation of native and indigenous people. People are NOT mascots and do not exist to be portrayed as characters! Natives are the only group of people acceptably represented as mascots. It is important to note how racist, problematic, and disrespectful that is to their community. The SJLC believes that administration is aware of these concerns because they fail to put the mascot on any school related emails, announcements, or merchandise that is publicly distributed. 

We are calling on McClymonds administration and the Oakland Unified School District to remove and replace the current image with a more appropriate and suitable one. Some suggestions that have already been given include: crossing swords/axes or a shield.

To be clear, we are only looking to change the image, NOT the name "Warriors."