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Change the laws pertaining to Child Sexual Abuse in the state of Michigan!

We the People, of the state of Michigan demand Change!!! We want to see the laws pertaining to Child Sexual Abuse changed to better protect the abused!   We want stiffer sentences for offenders with longer prison stays!  ZERO TOLERANCE for abusing our children! For the rape of a child, Natural life, with no chance of parole, or time off for good behavior!  We do not want them back out on our streets to do it again!  It is proven that they do it again, and again, PLEASE, keep them off our streets!   We want the Statute of Limitations removed from this crime!  A victim of sexual abuse suffers with the effects for a lifetime, and the abuser should be held accountable for a lifetime as well!! There should not be a statute of limitations attached to this crime! Many times, it takes a victim of child sexual abuse years to face their abuse.  We are taught to bury this, and to NEVER talk about it by our abusers.  A person can be well into their adult life, before they face the facts, and finally tell someone!! With the Statute of Limitations attached to this law, it simply goes unpunished!  How is that protecting the abused?  PLEASE, remove it!    We also want a better way to track these monsters when they are released from prison.  It is a known fact that they do it over and over again! For child sex offenders who do get back on the streets, we should be able to track them in the case of missing child!!  Many times it is a registered offender who takes those kids that we find later buried in shallow grave, on a river bank!!  If we could track them, maybe we would be able to find these kids alive!!  

We trust that our state representatives will make this happen!


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