Change in the laws of the reporting of sensitive topics by newspapers

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We want the laws surrounding sensitive stories being used in newspaper articles changed. There needs to be laws to protect families and loved ones from having information shared so publicly. Media sources should not be able to access the private details of stories. Recently there has been a reoccurring problem with newspapers and media outlets publishing indepth details of people's deaths. Details that sometimes loved ones still did not know. This causes extra distress to an already impossible situation for so many. Often this is done without any consent from the relatives. We have decided to pursue this change as recently we all experienced indescribable pain when we read the personal details of our friends suicide. These were published without permission from any relatives or even the courtesy of letting them know it was going to be public. Many parts of these articles were untrue and twisted. Other parts were as detailed as the method, assumed reasons and her final words. All of which were not public, even to many of her close friends. There was no purpose to having these parts in the article other than to make it more of an interesting read. It goes without saying that this was extremely distressing to all those close to her that had to read it. Sadly this is not an isolated case. We have had many others contact us who have had to go through the same ordeal. This needs to change. The families and friends need to be given consideration. Enough heart ache is experienced after a loss, it should not be  exacerbated and prolonged. #notanewsstory