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change the law to provide better protection for rabbits by B Ashton of England

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Because rabbits are the most neglected and abandoned pet in the United Kingdom. Because over 67,000 rabbits were abandoned to shelters in 2012 and the numbers just keep rising. Rabbits are now rising in popularity as house pets (third in the nation) but pet shops are not educating people as to their real needs, that they need lots of space to run and play, a healthy hay based diet, and regular vet care including spay and neuter and yearly VHD and Myxomatosis vaccinations. Further, breeders should have to be inspected and licensed and adhere to a high standard of quality of life for rabbits. And finally, rabbits kept in hutches and small house cages live a sad short and cruel life, where they can not run and jump, which is their natural inclination. The law should be raised that they are required to have a sizeable run attached to a hutch if they live outside, one which adheres to the standards recommended by the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund, or if kept as house pets, not shut in small house cages day and night. People abandon rabbits at a statistic of 50% after only 3 months of purchasing. Shelters and private individuals are taking on the massive burden of trying to save and rehome the abandoned animals. Please do something to make this stop and to improve the lives of these vastly underestimated, intelligent, affectionate, and beautiful animals.


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