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Show cats the same respect as dogs in road traffic accidents.

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230,000 cats are knocked over every year in the U.K. 70% are still alive after the driver continues and are sadly left to die on the side of the road in pain. If a motorist hits a dog it is the law that they must contact the police so that the animal can receive medical treatment and that the owners can be contacted.

A cat is just as much a loved family member as a dog and equally is capable of suffering the same, the same laws should apply to both dogs and cats. Our 13 year old cat was knocked over by a car and left in the road, it took 5 days of searching and my children handing out leaflets before we located her. She was taken to the vets by a lady who found her in the middle of the road. Our beautiful girl Angel looked perfect when we went to see her and the vet explained that her injuries were internal, they could not say how long she suffered but that it was unlikely that she died instantly. This more than anything affected our family, the thought of Angel suffering in pain is unbearable.

Cat owners know that they are more than pets; they are much loved family members. Angel had been with us for almost 13 years, she had been through our families ups and downs and my youngest daughter didn't know life without her. We need to ensure that NO animal suffers needlessly and that people take responsibility for their actions, if you knock an animal over, no matter the animal, you should have a legal responsibility to ensure that prolonged pain is unnecessary and that the owners are contacted without delay where possible.

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