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Change The Hours At Animal Services

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Animals that are brought to Animal Services have the least chance of survival compared to other shelters such as the SPCA and of course the Humane Society. At Pinellas County Animals Services the hours of operation for adoptions is Monday through Friday only, 9 AM to 4:30 PM, which is normally when people are at work. Adoptions are done on the first and third Saturday of every month from  9AM to 3PM, and the other two Saturdays of the month adoptable animals are brought to places like the Petsmart in Largo, and can be looked at from 9AM to Noon. The shelter is closed on Sunday.

When most people would be able to see the animals at the shelter, which is after work, or on the weekends, they are either closed or offering limited hours, either at their shelter or away, yet most animals are euthinized on Monday morning. The people that are able to go to the shelter during the week are probably once much like myself who work odd ball evening shifts, and would not be able to house an animal because of my work schedule. So to me it seems that we are not even giving these animals a fair chance to get out!

Why not do Adoptions until 7pm and start at 11? Why not have Adoptions open on Saturday or Sunday for a full day and be closed on an odd ball day like Monday or Tuesday when it is much less likely for people to be able to come in anyways??? And why not have all adoptions done on the weekends done at the actual shelter for full hours? I think the Petsmart idea is great, because the shelter gives Petsmart their cats for free to help find them homes, but this is something that should be done to supplement, not replace. If someone is going to Petsmart on a Saturday they are likely going to take care of the current pet they have, not come home with another one. And when animals are being brought from outside the facility, there are less options for the public to choose from.

This win would not only be for the animals but for the workers at the facility, where they would in time have less animals to care for, less to feed and treat, and less animals to put to sleep, opening up funding at their shelter for other areas. The shelter would be open for the exact same amount of time, but just with a different starting time and a different day off. And several of the workers there are volunteers, coming in when told so who are we cutting back these animals chance of survival for??? Volunteers want to see the animals live, that is why they are there, and I doubt would call “a strike” if they were asked to stay a bit later on Saturday. I find it odd to think that volunteers would not come forward if longer weekend shelter hours were available, as mostly retirees and teenagers (during summer) only can volunteer during the week....

Will Davis, Director of the Pinellas County Animal Services, says that some of the idea’s we have been speaking of, like extending hours during the week are in the works, and have been thought about for some time, so let’s keep the ball in motion. Let’s get REAL weekend hours to gain more volunteers and even more so let’s get weekend hours to get more animals out of the shelter and into good homes.


So lets recap-

-This is NOT a petition against Pinellas County Animal Services. This IS a petition to support the change in the hours at the facility, which is a decision that will be made by the County.

-We are asking for a change in hours

The current schedule is: Monday through Friday 9AM to 4:30 PM

1st Saturday- at shelter, 9AM to Noon

2nd Saturday- at Petsmart or other, 9AM to Noon

3rd Saturday- at shelter 9AM to Noon

4th Saturday- at Petsmart or other, 9am to noon.

There are no shelter hours or events on Sunday.


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