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We need to change the dog laws in west Australia more and more dog and cats for that matter are being poisoned because our dog laws are so weak that people take action into their own hands. 

If you have ever had the misery of living next to a dog that cries howls and barks all the time then you will know in the end it drives you nuts and to be honest it's NOT the dog's fault it's the owners. 

I have dog they bark when someone comes to my home or when someone they don't know come to the fence that is normal but when a dog is left for hours on end crying howling and barking that's not normal and it's very distressing  for the dog who is doing this to bring its own back as it so distressed  

in my case The dog next door who has the worst separation anxiety I have ever seen in a dog they just go leave it howling for hours if these laws where you complain to council then fill in barking books and there have to be at least 3 households in the street then they don't do much after near 18 months of hell in the street they fined these people $200 if the penalties were harder people who not leave their dogs in misery, in fact, the whole dog acted has not been changed since the 70s people now live closer to each other we have more people in Perth now    

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