Change the district #205 ID rule.

Change the district #205 ID rule.

April 1, 2022
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Started by Brooklynne Tabb

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On 3/24/22 I got referral because I left my district issued ID at home that day by accident. It was the only time I had ever forgotten it.

  On that day my band teacher Daniel Matthews did a check to see if everyone had their ID's and at least 15-20 kids did not have it, including myself. All of those kids were sent down to the office to pay 5-10 dollars just to buy a new district issued identification card, just because they had forgotten it.

  The problem at Churchill Junior high if kids parents cannot bring their ID then families get fined. As the code of conduct states "Students must wear their ID at all times out side of their clothing." This says nothing about having to pay for a new ID everytime you forget your own, aid alone is $5 plus a lanyard is 10, students are being charged for one or both of those items every time they forget their own or that a parent cannot bring their ID to school and there's no other option.

  As for myself I told them that I did not want to go to the office to buy a new one because all I did was forget mine at home, and my skyward account balance was already negative.

  Daniel Matthew the Churchill band director gave me a write up over it. As he said I refused, and then proceeded to say I also refused to wear a ID all day. Mind you, band is my first period, and I couldn't have refused to wear my ID because I didn't even have one. We talked to the school and they refuse to take that write up off of my record and still say that I refused when I never did and they have continued to lie about this situation even after I talked with the principal about this.

  Not only is this affecting students and families money, but this is causing the front desk ladies to seem more stressed out having to print 20 cards at 8am, almost everyday of the week.

  This rule is a gross over reaction and this rule caused me to get a referral, that Nick Young, Daniel Matthew, Matthew Lingfelter, and more have refused to take this off my record.

  A fee or a fine should not be a consequence as stated in the code of conduct, and schools like Churchill have dismissed this rule. I need your help to get the attention of staff and get this issue figured out, because they won't listen to me, and I need them to see the problem with this "solution" that they had made up.

  Not only that the school decided to tell other teachers about my referral, that had nothing to do with them. That is revealing a students privacy without consent, which is also illegal. This was a grossly over exaggerated situation that did not need to be blown out of proportion like this in the first place. This rule needs to change! Been charged for an ID repeatedly, in what is supposed to be a feeless district. 






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This petition made change with 195 supporters!

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