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Change State Road Use Regulations so that motorcycle helmets approved for use are defined by ACCC Consumer Protection Notice No. 9

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Australia does not have national uniformity for motorcycle helmet standards.

The current State laws and regulations conflict with each other to the point that riders can cross into another State and their helmets may be illegal in that State. The only prosecutions are of riders for wearing a helmet with the “wrong sticker”. Riders are also being fined for tinted visors and using helmet cameras despite vague, conflicting or non-existent regulations on these items. 

Consumers and the electorate should expect a minimum performance from a product safety standard system. This is especially so for a product such as a motorcycle helmet that is likely to be used anywhere in Australia, being freely transported from one State to another.

Some States require Certification markings or stickers which no longer exist, making compliance with use laws impossible.

The limited range of helmets available to the consumer drives up prices and defects in the Australian Standard reduce the reliability of certification compliance.

This is a simple issue - ensure one consistent helmet standard across Australia. The requested change would provide uniformity for sale and use - through compliance with COAG principles for achieving a “seamless national economy”.

It appears to be a complex issue due to the many conflicting laws and regulations, but the solution is simple. See the first article below which explains the issues in an understandable way. 

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The State of Helmets, G. Stanford, Road Rider Magazine Australia.
Australian Motorcycle Helmet Laws, Federal and State regulations explained, W. Carruthers
Helmet safety, Australian Standards, Differences Between the States, an online discussion forum thread.

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