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Justice For Families

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Lately the deaths from officers are growing more and more each day. There are other ways to control a situation. They have pepper spray, stun guns & other NON DEADLY weapons with them. But they choose to use a gun. Today, it hit close to see it all the time on the news but never would you think it would happen to a family member or someone you know. My cousin lost her dad today and that didn't need to happen. He won't be there when she graduates, goes on her first date, prom, her first heartbreak and when she gets married..& Its said that he may or may not have had a knife but a knife is nothing compared to a gun(s). The officers nowadays are getting too comfortable and they are getting away with MURDER. Something that they lock people away for, but yet because they have a badge they get a pass? Its not right. They need to be held accountable just like any other person on trial would be in a murder case. I was taught to call the cops IF your family isn't around and if you're in a bad situation that's out of your control..but nowadays you can't cause the outcome would be much worse. The officers need to be retrained to control situations, rather than using a gun and taking a life. Is it really worth it? Taking a life? When you can control the situation in other ways..

There's too many of these cases..I pray this ends❤











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