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Shut Down the Petition to Shut Down the Nude Sliding Event

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There's an upcoming event in Calgary that really concerns some people, who are apparently unaware that they have genitals under their clothes. 

There is to be a "Naked Water-slides and Wave Pool" event happening at Southland Leisure Centre on January 14th 2018, and some concerned Calgarians, likely puritans who reproduce exclusively by means of in vitro fertilization, have taken it upon themselves to petition against a harmless event which invites people to feel comfortable in their own bodies, regardless of their shape or size. 

The writer of the petition is likely sexually repressed, as they keep on sexualizing the event as if it were a public orgy, which by the way is against the law in Calgary. They also repeatedly bring up children, and postulate bizarre theories about mentally ill people sneaking in and committing assault. 

They go on to say that the event is likely to be a hotbed of child pornography production. I'm not certain what pockets people will be keeping these supposed cameras in, but perhaps that question is better left unasked. I for one have a very hard time believing that anyone organizing the event will permit adults to be filming naked children. I mean, that should be obvious. But to the writer of the petition, apparently it is not. 

Please take this into heavy consideration, and if you have kids or grand kids, take a look at them and ask yourself if you should keep demonizing the human body and nudity as something to fear, and whether we as a society should begin to separate nudity from sexuality. 

Sign the petition to end the petition against the Naked Water-slides and Wave Pool event happening at Southland Leisure Centre on January 14th 2018. 

And one last thing! Since the original petition writer against the event is apparently so concerned about children, I'd like everyone singing this petition this to show that you can be in favor of the event, and also be concerned about children. So I'd like to ask each of you to consider visiting the following link and donating to the Alberta Children's Hospital foundation. Give 'em a dollar! It's a better way to spend your money than buying a lukewarm cup of coffee at Tim's, and a great way to show that people who support the event care about children too.

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