Come Clean! Gravesham - Stop Hiding Rubbish and Improve your Street Cleaning Services

Come Clean! Gravesham - Stop Hiding Rubbish and Improve your Street Cleaning Services

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Come Clean! Gravesham

 Oy! Gravesham Borough Council!  Come Clean!

 The majority of your hard working (or retired) citizens do not want to come home to live in other people's rubbish.  Yet it is happening here in Westcourt and the surrounding areas in Gravesham every day.

 While unscrupulous citizens litter our streets and create hidden rubbish dumps on council property, it degrades our quality of life. 

 We think we pay you to deal with it.  Please stop abdicating your responsibility to deliver a service. 

 We want value for money and your street cleaning services are below standard.

 If you don't think so see here.

We think detection, prevention, removal and enforcement of illegal dumping are part of the services that citizens pay council tax for. 

In Gravesham the Come Clean! Campaign has witnessed several major fly tipping episodes in one area where approximately six tonnes of rubbish were dumped in a narrow alleyway on more than four separate occasions during the course of a year. 

When the workforce arrived to remove these, they did a good job.  It would have been a better job had they also taken away the tonne of rubbish they passed to get at it or the other tonne deposited twenty meters further on from it.  These have been there for months.

 No preventative measures were taken despite the presence of lockable gates at each end of the lane.  These remain locked back in some mysterious deadlock over their use.  

This campaign therefore grades the performance of the street cleansing services in Westcourt Ward, Gravesham as sub-standard compared to other areas and not much better than the worst areas of town where you can witness open and lasting rubbish dumps on the streets on a daily basis.

The campaign asks the council to consider improving its services by cleaning up and putting in place proper measures that prevent further occurrence.  It is designed so that all citizens may work with public services as per a contract to ensure the services provided are effective, responsive, fit for purpose and improve over time.

135 have signed. Let’s get to 200!