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Equal Marriageble Age for male and female both. Equality before law,

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Many girls/ women specially in India, Nepal, Russia etc. forced to get  married  as soon as they complete  18  years,  So they suffered alot in life due to incomplete education, early responsibilities of children, , no career , no source of income,  If we talk About equality before the law then why  Marriageble  legal age is not equal  for male and female/ Bride and Groom, Legal age of marriage should be equal to both of them , it should be 21 years for both. So by the time even girls / women can complete their education and stand on their own feet economically, if an every woman is educated and independent automatically  her status will raise in society,  and it will lower domestic violence against women . It will give a greate boost to our country's economy. More than 50% of women population is suffering  and victim of Domestic violence because of lack of education and  lack of economical independence. If male child and female child entered in school at same age, voting rights at same age,  even both male , Female complete graduation at same age , jobs , salary,  education when all is equal why legal Marriageble age is not equal to both of them. Still 50% girls are forced to  get married at the age of 18 years in rural areas though they want to continue their education , Job .Only physical and biological capabilities are not enough in today's world, It is every woman's right , she should get enough time to get complete her education and  economical independenice, equal to men.

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