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Electoral College: Keep Donald Trump as our President-Elect and make him our President!

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On December 19h, the electoral college will cast their ballots. It has come to my attention that the American left-wing hasn't come to terms with facing the reality that Donald J. Trump had won the United States election last Tuesday and are wishing to petition the United States Electoral College to recount the election numbers and elect Hillary R. Clinton as our President-elect. I want all of you to vote on this petition to make sure that doesn't happen. We are countering this petition:

We have a similar petition that has recently been created on many of the same ideals that we have. I'd encourage all of you to sign this petition as well to double our efforts:

As if the regressive Left-Wing hasn't been up to enough no-good with the mainstreme media and the social justice warrior influx on our society, they're out protesting, rioting and even threatening to sign other petitions for the States of California and Oregon to secede from the Union because of Donald Trumps Presidential win. I am asking all of you to sign this petition as another vote for you the American patriots who cast your votes the last time around for Mr. Trump, now, I ask that y'all do it again.

Hillary Clinton mustn't get a second chance at having her power-hungry hands on the White House: She is a corrupt candidate who made speeches for private banks, took private prison money, praised TPP many times, has multiple investigations, and more. The TPP will drag the states into a corporate rule where labor rights, environmental rights, fair use (including video game modeling), and American jobs are eroded.

There is something called a Faithless Elector and it's happened more than once. Which is why I kind of wanted to create this petition for the electoral college that states Trump should win and has the electoral college in his favor.

Hillary Clinton may have won the popular vote but she didn't get the vote of the electoral college and thus she isn't our President. We must not let their ballots be submitted in favor of her over Mr. Trump, our President-elect!

Please sign and share this petition, the fate of our the United States hangs in the balance of your signature.

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