Close the cape cod bridges

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Stop the spread of covid-19 close the bridges.  only year round residence, medical personnel. Trucks that deliver essential supplies.  
 While we love our tourists and summer residents this is not the time to come to the cape, our hospital can’t handle it. We only have two small hospitals here on cape, and limited medical staff. 
keep the residences and elderly safe on cape. 

If people did what was asked of them instead of hanging at the beaches and hanging out with each other this would never have been created. Yes some of the people coming are doing the right thing unfortunately most are not. 
This is not about us Cape coders being mean or not wanting people here, or going to their second home, we can’t not handle the influx of people. I know people personally that work at the hospital and they talk about how over whelmed they are. We need to do this for them all the front line people. Don’t put your self first think of them. What do you think will happen if the medical department falls apart. 

I myself am in the high risk, I do not want this and take ever precaution I can. I do not go out unless I have to. I do not let people come to my house. I certainly don’t nor will I travel to other places. There is a stay at home advisory for a reason. This is not a free vacation. Ask your self would you be here now if we were not in a pandemic, if you still had your normal routine would you be heading here now. 

It seems that some are confused about what “closing” the bridges means.  It’s not like we are saying build a wall like some comments have said. We are not asking for jersey barriers. That should be common sense. We want people to do what is asked. 

remember the virus dose not move we move, if we stop moving the virus stops. Let’s get through this as fast as we can, so we can have a good summer.