Change ODSP & it's unfair Treatment of Spousal Earnings!

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In a time in Ontario's history when affordable housing is severely limited and the price of rent is out of control our most vulnerable on the Ontario Disability Supports Program are struggling to afford the basic necessities of life. With Covid19 it is time to help raise awareness of this flawed system and the need to Fix ODSP. If you think things are bad now just wait until the Ontario Government goes ahead with their planned changes to the way ODSP treats spousal earnings!

You see it's time for the Government of Ontario who under Doug Ford claims to be for the people to actually listen to the very people it's careless decisions are affecting. If they truly aim to lift the most vulnerable out of poverty they must take into consideration the negative effects of their heartless decision to claw back 75% of earnings of anyone receiving income support through ODSP. This decision will only hurt families by placing undue stress on many in relationships or married to someone receiving ODSP in the Province of Ontario.

With this petition we call on Todd Smith & the Ford Government to reverse the decision to claw back 75% of earnings of those on ODSP after $6,000 annually. We are asking Todd Smith to add “Spousal Earnings” to the list of “exempt” forms of income under the Ontario Disability Support Program.

The current plan to start clawing back 75% of income support will have dire consequences on those who are married or in a relationship and receiving ODSP. It must be known that moving to a system that claws back by 75% of spousal earnings will have many negative effects. As this only continues to ensure that non-disabled or working spouses will still have to assume full financial responsibility of the person with a disability. Worst of all these upcoming changes continue the practice of “stigmatizing and robbing recipients of their dignity and ability to control their own lives.” The facts are that if and when these changes go ahead this only helps to penalize those who live with a spouse and prevent many from forming new relationships - something that would be beneficial to their health and well being.

That is why the Province of Ontario needs to add "Spousal Earnings" to the list of "exempt" forms of income. As moving to a system that claws back 75% of spousal earnings will ruin the lives of those who have no other choice but to rely on the income support from ODSP. The time is now to make the Province of Ontario a place that allows people with disabilities who are on ODSP to actually keep more of their money - rather than throwing out big numbers in an effort to hide the fact that they will be clawing back 75% of earnings of anyone receiving income support from ODSP.

That is why we are all asking Todd Smith to step up to once and for all end the unfair & discriminatory treatment of earnings of those on ODSP - which not only has a negative affect on individuals with disabilities but spouses who are being punished simply for being in a relationship with some with a disability on ODSP.

After all those living with disabilities & the people who love them truly deserve better! If you agree please join the fight to Fix ODSP by signing our petition today!