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Change ODSP & it's unfair Treatment of Spousal Earnings!


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It is time for Ontario, a province known for preaching inclusivity to stand-up and finally do away with unfair regulations - one's that are severely limiting those with disabilities who are in relationships and relying on income support from the Ontario Disability Supports Program. Sadly, as of today the province of Ontario is not truly an inclusive place to live - especially for those with disabilities who are seeing their income support clawed back simply for being in a relationship or married.

It must be known that when Spousal earnings are clawed back under current ODSP regulations it forces non-disabled or working spouses to assume the full financial responsibility of the person with a disability. A result of ODSP benefit payments being made on behalf of families rather than individuals. Structuring the benefit unit in this way has many negative consequences for people who receive ODSP. As this ends up “stigmatizing and robs recipients of their dignity and control of their own lives.” As you can see the current system penalizes those who live with a spouse and prevents many from forming new relationships that would be beneficial to their health and well being.

That is why the Province of Ontario needs to add "Spousal Earnings" to the list of "exempt" forms of income. The current practice of clawing back 50 per cent of spousal earnings is ruining the lives of those who have no other choice but to rely on the income support provide though ODSP. The time is now to make the Province of Ontario a place that allows people with disabilities who are on ODSP to equally contribute and be involved in every aspect of their relationship even when it comes to finances. With the cost of living in the Province of Ontario already being so high the reality is that couples do need two incomes just to survive. Especially couples who face the extra costs that come along when one or both spouses are living with a disability. Therefore, Spousal earnings need to be added to the list of "exempt" forms of income.

The current way Spousal Earning are treated is severely limiting those with disabilities who are truly in need of income support from the Ontario Disability Supports Program. That why it is time for this much-needed change to ODSP and their unfair and some what discriminatory treatment of spousal earnings. After all those living with disabilities truly deserve better!

Join the fight & please sign our petition today to help encourage the Ontario Government to add spousal earnings to the list of “exempt” forms of income & to end the unfair practice of clawing back the income support of receipts who are in relationships or married.

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