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Change MA law regarding child abuse. Harsher jail sentences and more rights for Children!

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Our current laws in Massachusetts to protect innocent children and to get the justice they rightfully deserve is broken. Your attention to this matter is requested. The laws in Massachusetts regarding child abuse are not acceptable. My two year old was physically abused by a "man" named Nathan St. Pierre. This man got out on $1,000 bail! The parents of the abused child (myself and Joshua Renaud) were never notified. I am living in fear of this monster constantly. A protection order means nothing. My daughter deserves to see justice from what this monster did to her. 5 years is nothing! He took her innocence away, caused her PTSD, night terrors and separation anxiety.To top it off the MA law states that the accused has a right to face their accuser. Well the accuser is a 3 year old little girl who was a victim of his malicious violence. If we go to trial she will have to face the monster who abused her. She has to sit and point him out and say what he did to her. No child should have to be victimized again. The MA law as it is right now is victimizing children for a second time. The child should be able to sit in a separate room and see a picture of the man and say that is the man/woman who hurt me. They should not be expected to go on the stand. I am looking for harsher punishments and to help our child not be re-victimized again! I want to make a law called Chloe's Law.  Please help our system change. Our children need to know they got justice! #JusticeforChloe.

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