Change Joshua ISD Dress Code

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My son, Thesis Thompson (7), who had been growing his hair since birth, is currently a student of JISD Staples Elementary School.  Thesis is in 1st grade and was very excited to attend his first year at Staples.  Thesis is now afraid of his new school because he feels his teachers hate him because of his hair!

We attended meet the teacher night and nothing was ever mentioned about his hair.  On the second day of school, I received a phone call from the principal that Thesis was in the office because he was "out of dress code" and was being sent to ISS.  That did not set very well with me because ISS is for children with behavioral  issues and my son was not going to be sent there nothing had to do with his behavior!

Whether my son had grown his hair for religious beliefs, cancer, transgender-- it shouldn't matter!!  The principal stated that my husband needed to provide proof from his "Holy Man" to justify his Islamic beliefs!!!  What year is this??!!  Do we walk around with hearts on our sleeves justifying that we are organ donors or any other symbols justifying our beliefs or religion?!  This is total discrimination against our children who are there to receive an education-- not be bullied by the  administrative staff!

From why I heard  this dress code has been in effect for 30+ years and have recently made changes to where students are allowed to wear flip-flops!  This is what I heard per the teachers who were excited because the rule was passed for flip-flops .. smh.   Sounds to me this rule was passed more for the teachers!  So why make a big deal about boys with long hair?!  Every person is unique in their own way and I feel that JISD is trying to create everyone to be what they want them to be.

What has happened to equal rights?!  What are we teaching our children??  What have we and our ancestors fought for all these years?  I stand firmly behind my son and the other boys attending JISD who are being punished for nothing they've  done wrong.  They all deserve to able to attend JISD like everyone else-- long or or short hair, boy or girl.  What should it matter?!