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Close down Largo Maryland liquor Store

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Though this video is 29 minutes long, please focus on the 3:26 mark until the 5:16 mark.

PLEASE at least review from the 3:26pm mark until the 5:16pm mark, this is a long video however we want you to clearly see what we see! This is terrible and has to STOP! LIKE....SHARE....TAG.....COME OUT FOR SOMETHING RIGHT HERE IN YOUR BACKYARD!!!!

Join us this Friday, September 29, 2017 at 6pm at 836 Largo Center Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 as we express our concerns at Largo Liquor.

A young man of legal age was in Largo Liqour some time early August to purchase wine. He observed and overheard the store clerk being rude to an elder woman in the community, rushing her and telling her to just wait because she takes too long every day (key words, she is an every day customer spending money in their place of business, every day being treated rude.....every day). Once he made his way to the register he politley asked the woman "are you ok" and politely asked the store clerk to "calm down a little bit". The clerk then denied the young man purchase. This is where it went way left. The young man was frustrated and said to the elder "this is why people act ignorant". The store clerk taunted him saying "if I give you the chance you can take the first punch". The young man, knocked over the Slim Jim's and began to walk away. All hell broke loose....he was forcefully grabbed by two clerks and the store owner, hit, choked, slammed, choked again, handcuffed, unlawfully detained (the last two together is legally kidnapped) and hurt to the point of a damaging walk. If this were a young man of an aggressive manner, this would have been a deadly situation.

Around the 5:16 mark, you hear the other clerk responding to the question of what did he do saying, "he knocked all that stuff over". Did that warrant the utter disrecpect, abuse, assault, kidnapping, restraint, charges, choking, handcuffing, embarrasment and so on that could have easily been a deadly situation if this young man was raised different. This young man is raised by two parents that have astouning careers and this young man is in the beginning of a wonderful career himself. He was doing what he should be doing, defending an elderly woman in the community.

Again, meet us this Friday at 6pm, as we have a moment to express our concerns at the very same place where the incident occurred! For any questions or concerns email


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