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CHANGE Breed Specific Laws in Wentzville Missouri

Residents of Wentzvile, MO are being targeted because of "bully" ownership.  The city has had a breed specific law (BSL) for years, it has come to light that some residents are being targeted by neighbors, the City, and even animal control to comply with a law that should be for AGGRESSIVE DOGS, not BREED starting the fight!

On Dec 7th, the breed specific ordinance will be discussed during work session @ 6pm. Please sign the petition urging Wentzville  to repeal the archaic breed-discriminatory ordinance that targets pit bulls. Dogs should be judged by their behavior, not their appearance.

See the links for news report done about a woman targeted to get DNA on her Great Dane mix dogs because the Wentzville police say they look like "pit bulls":

Another couple just moved here in July and is ready to move due to a neighbor calling police because she had her home window open and was therefore disobeying the law due to having a pit bull. Another moved out of the City to another City in MO.

These dogs are not aggressive, one is even a search and rescue dog! Aggressive dogs are taught by their IRRESPONSIBLE GUARDIANS, and any dog can be aggressive! PLEASE HELP STOP BSL!

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City of Wentzville Missouri
I just signed the following petition addressed to: City of Wentzville Missouri.

I urge you to repeal the archaic breed-discriminatory ordinance that targets pit bulls. Dogs should be judged by their behavior, not their appearance.

The ordinance is costly and ineffective. In these hard economic times, I don't see how Wentzville can afford to retain an inhumane and ineffective ordinance. Studies have shown that breed discrimination does not enhance public safety.

Wentzville should follow the lead of Topeka, Kansas. Topeka recently repealed their breed ban on pit bulls because of the high cost and the problems inherent in determining the heritage of mixed-breed dogs. Toledo and Cleveland also have repealed their breed bans.

Wentzville should hold reckless owners accountable for the behavior and care of their dogs. Rather than impose breed-discriminatory restrictions, Wentzville should pass good breed-neutral laws, such as those enacted in Illinois and Minnesota, that target dangerous dogs and reckless owners. These laws include regulations that:

• Encourage residents to spay/neuter their pets
• Effectively manage dangerous dogs based on their behavior
• Restrict tethering
• Prevent reckless owners from having dogs

Thank you for your consideration in this important matter.



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