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CHANGE Breed Specific Laws in Wentzville Missouri

Residents of Wentzvile, MO are being targeted because of "bully" ownership.  The city has had a breed specific law (BSL) for years, it has come to light that some residents are being targeted by neighbors, the City, and even animal control to comply with a law that should be for AGGRESSIVE DOGS, not BREED starting the fight!

On Dec 7th, the breed specific ordinance will be discussed during work session @ 6pm. Please sign the petition urging Wentzville  to repeal the archaic breed-discriminatory ordinance that targets pit bulls. Dogs should be judged by their behavior, not their appearance.

See the links for news report done about a woman targeted to get DNA on her Great Dane mix dogs because the Wentzville police say they look like "pit bulls":

Another couple just moved here in July and is ready to move due to a neighbor calling police because she had her home window open and was therefore disobeying the law due to having a pit bull. Another moved out of the City to another City in MO.

These dogs are not aggressive, one is even a search and rescue dog! Aggressive dogs are taught by their IRRESPONSIBLE GUARDIANS, and any dog can be aggressive! PLEASE HELP STOP BSL!

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