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Petitioning Legislative Assembly of Ontario/Hon Bill Walker and 1 other

Change Animal Welfare Laws! Charge and Convict people that neglect, abuse animals!

Starvation of animals, Abuse, Neglect, It all has to stop! We need your help! Show your support for the thousands of animals in distress who need you to be their voice! Stand up for them in their time of need... when they can't help themselves. Ontario Laws to protect Animal Welfare need not only to be changed to tougher laws but also need to be enforced!. Show Ontario and Canada that you care about animal welfare and speak up. Be a voice for an animal in need! Show higher authorities that WE DO CARE! WE ARE NOT IMPRESSED AND WE WANT CHANGE!!! After 21 horses died of starvation at one farm alone please help us to try and make a change for the others! The owner of a farm in Grey - Bruce County that starved 21 one to death and neglected many more is still running her business as if nothing happened and still owning animals is wrong!

Letter to
Legislative Assembly of Ontario/Hon Bill Walker
Legislative Assembly of Ontario/Hon Madeleine Meilleur
We respectfully petition to take the necessary steps toward changing those laws currently governing the OSPCA in such a way as to effect quicker, more efficient and easier seizure of those horses/ and or any other animals in immediate need and, moreover, to ensure these seizures are done in the most humane manner, with respect for the welfare and safety of the horses and/or any other animal.

We the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

We, the undersigned, abhor and reject the current practices of the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) in seizing horses and/or any other animal found in dire need. For these animals, who cannot speak for themselves, we request, in no uncertain terms, that you take the steps necessary to ensure that new policies will expedite the OSPCA seizure process, and guarantee the humane and ethical treatment of these animals. People that abusive, starve and neglect animals need to be charged and convicted! They also should be banned from ever owning an animal again!