Petition for 10yr old pregnant rape victim from Chandigarh

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Every morning I wake up to news of little children being assaulted and raped. Some of them as young as 21months who have not even learnt to walk yet. The barbarism we live in should come as no surprise to any of us, but what's more heartening is how our judicial system has turned a blind eye to it. Today I woke up to the news of a 10yr old girl in Chandigarh who had been raped by her uncle and is 26 weeks pregnant now. Despite several doctors counsel that she should get an abortion the Chandigarh court has denied her the same because the law states no abortion after 20weeks. A 10yr old girl simply doesn't have the pelvic structure to carry a baby. It can hamper her health gravely yet she is forced to carry the baby of her rapist.
Please help me petition the Government of India, Supreme Court and PMO office to treat her case as an exception to do what's best for her and change the law to adequately accommodate such cases in the future.