Stop MNCs to Force Employees to work in Office during COVID19 Pandemic

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As we know that Government has put a lockdown in more than 75 districts and UT to stop the spread of the COVID19 and also has asked the Major Multinational Companies to provide the employees with Work From Home and not to deduct their salaries in the current situation. But Still some of my friends who are Working under Infosys Ltd, Chandigarh are being forced to come to office to work or apply for Leave Without Pay just because of the reason that they are unable to provide the employees with the laptops to Work from Home. 

I want to ask that how can a Major MNC like Infosys force their employees to come to office when they know the current situation going on all around the world, they don't care about the lives of the employees but only about client satisfaction. 

Managers are asking the employees to come to office even in lockdown when they are comfortably sitting in their homes and working from there in a safe environment but want their junior employees to come to office to work in this crisis like situation. The no of cases in India are increasing day by day and Government has asked to take a step on this by doing the lockdowns and requesting the citizens to stay indoors until the situation get solved.

I want to request you all to please Sign this petition so that these MNCs stop harassing their employees like this. If we don't take control of this situation than it can cause the companies to shut down completely like it happened in Maharashtra.

Nirmala Sitharaman Mam, I request you to look into this matter and please help my friends to get Work from Home in this Pandemic Crisis.