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Petitioning Chancellor Yang and UC Regents

Chancellor Yang and UC Regents: Commit to 100% Clean Energy by 2020

The University of California Santa Barbara prides itself on being one of the most sustainable Higher Education establishments. But, did you know that our current Clean Energy plan states that we won't have 95% of our power via renewable sources until 2045? If you agree that 2045 isn't good enough, sign this petition to tell Chancellor Yang and UC Regents that you want 100% Clean Energy at UCSB by 2020. Do you have 2020 vision?

Letter to
Chancellor Yang and UC Regents
By 2045, the Freshmen of this year will be 51 years old. UCSB teachers along with Regents and Chancellors will hopefully be 70 years old and older. It is obvious that waiting 33 years for 95% clean energy is too far away and unacceptable. UCSB is supposed to be a sustainable leader and students work hard to make that happen. Support the students' and the planet's needs by fighting for 100% Clean Energy by 2020. We all deserve to see this happen within the next 8 years, while we all still have something to live for.