Petition regarding 3rd year exam of Calcutta University (Part 1+1+1 2009 regulation)

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Respected Sir/Madam,

With deep respect towards you , we the final year students of UNIVERSITY OF CALCUTTA in
UNDER GRADUATE course are here to inform you, we are in deep trouble due to this COVID-19 pandemic as well as the ongoing lock down. Recently we came to learn that according to UGC guideline our university is preparing to take our postponed final year exam. By the time we are writing this letter , the no of COVID effected crossed the marking of 90,000+ (as per date) & in WEST BENGAL it shelfed 2500+ (as per date) mark. Number of deaths related to COVID is escalating rapidly; so in this grave situation we held a online poll to know “what the students actually want?”. In 24 hrs we touched 6118 no of students and our findings are as followed:

Greater than 2/3 of the students don’t want to sit in exam in the month of July
Other students want to sit for the exam in the month of July.

**********Poll results (16.05.2020) *********

As the poll holds , they also sighted their problems as followed,
1. Many of the students comes from a distant districts ,namely BURDWAN, BOTH MIDNAPORE, MALDAH, Suburban areas Of kolkata and a vast part of Hooghly district ETC. some of them even comes from the outer states also. As the lockdown will be lifted in later month they are finding their return to Kolkata will be difficult , because of lack of PHYSICAL DISTANCING in public transports they avail.

2. Some of the students pens their problem ; as the wake of lock down in a hurry they left their books in their respective mess or PG’s. they are unable to prepare properly during this period.

3. A lot of them faced financial break down in their family, sighted this lockdown puts the jobs of their family’s earning members in a hold & they have to help their family to acquire money for minimal needs.

4. Majority of the students are facing the transport problem as a big issue. Literally the buses ad trains are put to out of service near about 31st may,, and there is no surety that after 31st of may everything will be fine or will run as usual. Physical distancing in public transport are dangerously worrying them.

5. A large number of students are daily passengers . some of them have to travel over 2 hours or at least 60kms via various transportation methods. They will be exposed to the danger.

6. Though COVID -19 has a low mortality rate of around 3% , but if a child of a family gets infected that will be disastrous for them, they will be mentally broken as well as there is a chance of getting the family members infected.

7. Some of the students stays at mess or in PG’s, a large number of the owners are denying their further entry.

8. As most of the residents of Kolkata and surroundings are in red zone and other pressures either from family or others their mental situation becomes more fragile. In this condition it is impossible to prepare for any exams .

9. A giant section of students are having various health issues like asthma, blood pressure, sugar etc. . exposing them in the public in the month of July , they finds it a huge risk.

10. Various media are sitting a possibility of sudden rise of infection in COVID 19, in the month of June-July.

11. Many university and institutes already canceled their respective educational year and moving for the admissions for post graduate entrances. This holds a pressure upon the majority of students.

12. Most importantly the gathering of students and college stuffs(teaching or non-teaching) from various part of state may lead a vigorous out break of COVID-19 wave, it frightens many.
For this various reasons we are urging you to cancel our final year examinations;
But the students further pens their request of final year graduation marks as followed, otherwise entrance in post graduate program seems to be impossible for them.

1. Maximum of them(43.01%) agrees to a avg number of both year honours percentage (for general stream total general percentage) +10% grace for final year percentage.

2. Then some of them (21%) agrees to have last year honours percentage (for general stream total general percentage) +10% grace for 3rd year.

3. 20% of the students wants a home assignment of online project through college professors, although some of the students have problem with that as many don’t have a good high speed network connection at their disposal.

4. Many of the students have supplementary exams to be cleared, so they requested to have a serious note about their matter too.

We are hoping that the university authority will look into our request with great attention, and grant our request. We , all the students are worried about our as well as our family’s health and our career. Keeping in mind about our health and good future please take necessary actions, as we are clueless about out future.

Thanking you,
The Students of Third year

University of Calcutta

Part 3 (1+1+1 2009 regulation)