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Castle headstone for my sleeping princess

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What I want for my daughters headstone is a princess fairy castle, BUT because its carved into turrets rather than rectangular it is not allowed, its not any bigger than any other upright headstone, it just reflects who she was. After speaking with many people, we do not understand why it is that you cannot have headstones you choose in churchyards! Something that suits your love one, and reflects their personality of who they were in life.. My daughter fought her whole life, and against all odds lived till she was 18. In 2006 at the age of nearly ten years old, she was given a year left to live. Every year she achieved was a bonus. She was always a little ray of sunshine and joy to anyone who met her. Every year she lived she always wanted a princess fairy castle cake for her birthday, because she was a true princess. NOT every fairytale has a happy ending not for US anyway.. All I want is to have the headstone I want for her. But churchyard regulations forbid me from having what would suit her and be exactly what she would want. She had a colourful personality and I wish for her to be in her resting place with her colourful headstone reflecting who she was. How could anyone object to it. Churchyards don't have to be depressing grey boring places and quite frankly should get with the times and be more modern. After all I am willing to pay a fortune to get her this headstone and payed for the plot,so can't see why I should not be aloud to put a castle up for my sleeping princess. Please sign my petition and get this heard to whom ever it may concern. Church priests, archdeacon, archbishop, anyone who can help to implement change. I ask you from the heart to see that children, (as she still was) especially should have something more pretty and bright. I fought for her right in life not to be discriminated against for having downs syndrome and I will fight for her now although she is gone. Always !!! Many thanks for reading please sign and share get this heard far and wide!

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