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Started by Jay Gupta

As of December 1st, 2021 all UMass students are required to get a booster shot to attend spring classes. With 97% of students vaccinated and a near-zero number of cases detected each week, it makes absolutely no sense to preemptively implement this measure. 

While other universities have recommended boosters for returning students, UMASS is the only University in the country to date that has issued such a demand. It is suspected that this is due to pressure from anxious Amherst residents, who refuse to reconcile that they live in a college town. 

Furthermore, the University has decreed that students must be tested two weeks before the start of spring classes. This is especially odd, as the University did not see it as prudent to do so when the coronavirus was at its peak.

Our beloved college has historically ignored large institutions that flout basic standards of conduct, as they have instead opted to harm ordinary hard-working students who pay up to 53,000 dollars yearly for the opportunity to learn.

This requirement is merely a continuation of the University’s repeated attempts to not only follow but actively set the status quo, effectively forcing a consensus on an issue that is more complex than they would care to admit.  

With the snap of our administration’s fingers, our student body is not only unvaccinated but an active threat to public health. 

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165 have signed. Let’s get to 200!