Open Forum to Discuss Title IX at UWL

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After recent allegations of sexual misconduct coming to light, students and community members alike have questions regarding UWL's compliance with Title IX. While it is understandable that details of specific cases may not be shared, there are enough instances of misconduct and seemingly insufficient responses by the administration to prompt broader questions about compliance with federal law. I am calling on Chancellor Gow to host an open forum so students may ask him and other administrators our questions, and to begin healing the broken trust between the administration and the student body.

As of right now, because of the lack of communication on behalf of the adminstration, students feel like they are being left in the dark. Students don't know if they are safe in their classrooms or office hours with professors. We don't know if we can trust the Title IX team if we were to file a report. There seems to be no evidence of the system working, as it should, to protect students. There seems to be a pattern of mis- and undercommunication with students who file reports or go through the Title IX process. Which is only compounded by the administration not talking to us now.

So, students want to know: what are you going to do to fix this? How will you ensure this never happens again? Students are the ones impacted by the Title IX process--why aren't you communicating with us on how to make it better?

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