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Reform the University of Kansas' response to sexual assault.

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Earlier this month The University of Kansas made national news after it came to light that campus officials decided community service was too harsh of a punishment for a male student who admitted to sexually assaulting a fellow female student. According to the university, the fact that the victim had previously consented to sex with the man who raped her was a mitigating factor in the case.

This is just the most recent example of Kansas University administration failing to protect, support, and seek justice for victims of rape and sexual assault. Since this story reached the media, multiple survivors of sexual violence have come forward to share their stories of KU's misconduct in hearing their reports. KU is now one of seventy-six schools under investigation by the Department of Education for how it handles sexual violence on campus.

We, students, alumni, and members of the greater Lawrence community, have formed the September Siblings -- in honor of and in solidarity with the February Sisters, a group of feminists who in 1972 occupied a university building to win equal rights for women on campus -- to demand Kansas University make changes to restore our school’s honor and make our campus safe.

At KU, the minimum punishment for plagiarism can exceed that of committing sexual assault. This must change. We demand that students be involved in overhauling the campus' sexual assault policies to reflect the needs of University of Kansas students. On our campus, our administrators insist on calling rape “non-consensual sex.” This must change. When students start school they are required to participate in rigorous alcohol education, but no mandetory training on sexual assault. This must change.

Please sign to join us in calling on The University of Kansas to reform the way the administration handles rape and sexual violence on campus by meeting the September Siblings' demands.

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