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Welcome back to the Fire Dan Guerrero petition.

I created this petition in 2011 during the dark period of UCLA football under Rick Neuheisel. It was also around that time that it had become increasingly apparent Ben Howland had lost his way and UCLA Basketball was routinely failing to get out of the opening weekend of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

Then, as now, UCLA fans and alumni must ask themselves, “Can we really trust Dan Guerrero to make another hire?

Dan Guerrero hired the worst UCLA football coach of the modern era (Karl Dorrell). He replaced him with the worst UCLA football coach of the modern era (Rick Neuheisel). Think about that for a second before stopping to consider this: Karl Dorrell had never been a head coach before Dan Guerrero made him one. He has not been one since. His one return to football as a coordinator lasted only one season. While Rick Neuheisel at least had head coaching experience before coming to Westwood, he was not a highly sought after coach. His controversial past made him largely untouchable. Few would debate that if not for his legacy as a player for UCLA, he would not have replaced Karl Dorrell. These two poor hires by Dan Guerrero would end up costing UCLA 2.75 million dollars in buyouts; for coaches HE hired.

This leads us to Dan Guerrero’s 3rd massive failure of a hire: Steve Alford. From Bruin Report Online’s article by Robert Carpentier, “What was UCLA thinking when they made this hire and, to compound it, the monstrous and unprecedented buyout?”

UCLA Basketball is a sinking ship under Steve Alford. Barely one month into the 2014-15 season it is largely believed UCLA will not make the NCAA National Tournament. Future prospects look even worse. Fixing the problem is not easy; after just one season on the job Steve Alford was given a contract extension with a buyout worth $10.4 million

And who is the man who locked us onto this course?

Dan Guerrero.

We cannot afford another poor hire. We cannot afford another ridiculous contract. In short, we cannot afford Dan Guerrero.

Fire Dan Guerrero

Letter to
University of California, Los Angeles Chancellor Gene Block
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Chancellor Gene Block; University of California, Los Angeles.

Fire Dan Guerrero

Dear Chancellor Gene Block,
We the students, alumni, fans and supporters of UCLA Athletics have become overwhelmingly embarrassed, disillusioned, and disenfranchised by the performance of our Athletic programs over recent years.
We rightfully take great pride in the ‘First to 100’ campaign extolling the over 100 NCAA Championships, and yet it has been over 12 years since UCLA Football has won a Pac 10/12 championship and 57 years since our last National Championship. UCLA basketball is a sinking ship under Steve Alford. A casual observer of sports news can tell you we have fallen from a perennial conference power and force on the national stage to an irrelevant program of former glories.
For these reasons and so many others, we hereby petition you to take the following corrective action.
Release Dan Guerrero immediately; do not allow him to hire another coach.
• For hiring the worst football coach in the modern era then replacing him with the worst football coach in the modern era. (Dorrell and Neuheisel)
• For his duplicitous and malevolent handling of the student-seating debacle resulting in student, alumni, and fan outrage, an online petition and a student referendum.
• For his wrongful misuse of $23 Million in student fees discovered during a state audit released August 2011 (
• For allowing Women’s Basketball Coach Nikki Caldwell escape without an aggressive effort to retain the highly regarded coach.
• For a complete lack of business acumen when renegotiating the Adidas sporting apparel contract; including allowing Adidas to diminish the historic ‘UCLA stripe’ established by legendary Coach Red Sanders.
• For a complete lack of marketing ability; over seeing the recent and alarming drop in attendance at UCLA Men’s Basketball and UCLA Football games; the two revenue generating programs that in turn finance all other UCLA Athletic programs.

Until these changes are made, we the Students, Alumni, Fans and Supporters of UCLA Athletics pledge to stop all donations, ticket purchases, and apparel purchases which directly and indirectly support UCLA sports and academic programs.


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