Make Champlain College have online courses because of COVID-19.

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Hi students of Champlain. As you all know, COVID-19 is a dangerous spreading disease which has now affected people in Canada. Authorities have already warned us to stay away from places with more than 250 people and have also started closing schools. Pharmacies and grocery stores are emptying by the minute. We are in a situation where assisting social events is dangerous for certain lives.

How come we would have to risk our health to get an education? I believe that we should, at least, have the choice to do our course online, from a safe place. I have heard of two potential cases at Champlain, how many do we need in order to take the right precautions? We can not just be told to wash our hands when hundreds of professionals say that we should stat away from public places. Today, all of us students who attended school might have risked the lives of others because otherwise we would have been penalized. 

I am not asking for our education to be on hold, I want to be able to do my classes in a safer environment. Join me to keep ourselves away from this disease that has already affected 146 people in Canada. 

From one of your concerned classmate.