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Justice for Winnie

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On April 14th 2017 around 11am my beagle mix named Winnie escaped our yard. We went out looking for her. We saw something out of the corner of our eyes and heard a loud pop. We turned to see Winnie fall to the ground and begin to flail around in an attempt to get up and run. She could not get up. The neighbor man, Jerry Ammons was standing just outside his garage. We ran over to our wounded dog as he's shouting "get off my lawn." yet we wernt in his yard, we were in another neighbors yard. He looked like He had something to hide. He showed no Empathy or remorse for the fact our dog had just been shot and was the only person outside. We gathered her up and rushed her to the Vet. They took her and said they would call with updates. after an hour she still wasn't standing or walking so an Xray was done. We discovered a bb gun or pellet gun had been used and the pellet had traveled upwards through her ribs (broke one of her ribs) and lodged into her spine. It was recommended we transport Winnie to the University of Illinois emergency clinic for further assessment. After several hours, IVs and a cat scan they discovered she had a bruised lung and surgery was the only option to remove the object from her spine to relieve pressure giving us hope she may recover and walk again. Back at home we called the police and a county sheriff came out to investigate. We told the police we found hernear his yard heading in the direction of his home and he was standing outside shouting at us. No one else was even home in the neighborhood. The vet informed the deputy of her injuries and we informed the police of a previous threat from Mr Ammons to shoot her if he ever saw her again. Mr Ammons denied shooting Winnie, knowing shooting an animal is a crime. The police said because no one else was home to witness the act and because he denied doing so, they could not do anything but a report would be made to the States Attorneys office to possibly pursue charges. This is Unacceptable. So far the vet bills have totaled to thousands of dollars. I refuse to allow my dog to die because a man doesn't like dogs and decided to shoot her instead of telling us she was near his yard sniffing so we could go get her. Mr Ammons needs to pay for what he and I both know he did. We are friendly with all our neighbors but leave Mr Ammons alone because he's a very grumpy and not a nice man. Animal cruelty is never an option please sign this and help find justice for a defenseless animal who did not deserve inhumane treatment. 

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