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Reinstate the Chambersburg Police Department Special Emergency Team

On Monday September 9th, 2013 in a 5-3 vote Chambersburg Borough Council successfully disbanded the Chambersburg Police Department's Special Emergency Team otherwise known as "SWAT".  For 22 years this team has been silently vigilant within the Borough of Chambersburg, constantly prepared to respond at a moments notice to a multitude of high risk situations. 


Chambersburg Borough Council's reasoning for disbanding the team is that; "It's a matter of a policy decision to see where our assets are going to be focused for the greater good."   According to the motion, the resources used in the team, such as time and training, should be dedicated to patrolling, including foot patrol and bike patrol.


The Special Emergency Team was formed in order to handle high risk incidents in which “normal patrolling” such as foot and bike patrol could not handle.  This includes high risk warrants, active shooters, school shootings, hostage rescue and suicidal subjects.  Most police experts agree that a systematic response to critical incidents dramatically improve the odds for successful resolutions of those incidents.  Foot patrol will not improve those same odds.


A call is being placed to everyone to please sign this petition in support of maintaining the Chambersburg Police Department's Special Emergency Team and ask the Chambersburg Borough Council to rescind their disbandment.


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