To remove Mr. K. M. George, Principal of The AG Church School, Haldia

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You are all aware that my mother Mrs. Aparna Jena, someone very dear to me, has been a teacher in AGC Haldia for 20 years since 1999, and has been a very sincere teacher throughout. I’m sure you all can verify that fact. Even though she doesn’t have to, she shoulders the responsibility of choreographing cultural programs of the school. She does this not to showcase her talent, but to uphold her commitment to the school.
I am infuriated and disgusted by the fact that the Principal of the school- Mr. K. M. George has been harassing her on a regular basis for the last few months, by publicly slandering her, humiliating her, and speaking against her in an undignified manner, in front of teachers and school students alike. He has repeatedly insulted my mother for things like talking to a colleague during lunch breaks or free periods, wearing salwars, sarees, hairstyle. This extreme misbehavior and mental torture on a regular basis are becoming unbearable for her. I often find her crying after school. She has also become unwell as a result.
Today, on 14th June 2019, K. M. George did not allow her to return home after school, and kept her captive for 40 minutes. He abused her, used extremely filthy language on her. Language that would demean the modesty of a woman. Language that is horrifyingly disgusting, words that no sane man would ever say with his own mouth. I feel bile rising to my mouth, when I even think about those words.
To everyone who is a teacher or in the administration of a teaching institute, you tell me- is this behavior acceptable? Do your superiors force you to tie up your hair the way they want? Do they slander and abuse you because you don’t adhere to a non-existent dress-code? Are you humiliated repeatedly for talking to your colleagues during lunch breaks or free periods? Would you accept an outsider torturing you this extremely, for months? 
I feel immense disgust at the fact that I once used to respect this man. No. This is not a man. This…thing, does not qualify to be called a human. 
To bring this to an end, I request everyone reading this to kindly SHARE THIS POST. Make this VIRAL. LET PEOPLE KNOW what’s going on. PLEASE. Sign this petition.
~ Swapnil Jena

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