No Plea Bargain in Animal Abuse Case

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SpeedSport Stables has left a trail of dead and starving horses as they have moved through the USA and into Ontario, Canada. The owners, David Lee Small, Victoria Small and Jason LeRoy Small, are currently facing nine (9) counts of animal cruelty and abuse causing death.

At present, the Smalls have refused to appear at their two court hearings on July 6th and August 13th respectively. The court date is now put over to September 21st in order for the Crown Prosecutor and Defense lawyer to have a pre-trial conference. Please sign our petition to make it clear to our court system that we do not want a plea bargain, a reduced sentence or these charges to slip away: we want all the charges brought against the Small family to be tried in court and for the sternest punishments possible to be applied.

On the property they rented in Stouffville, Ontario, fifteen (15) horses were found starving and living in horrendous conditions, and thirteen (13) horses were discovered dead, half-buried in a field. Many of the horses had only been dead for several weeks, still bloody when they were excavated from the dirt mounds. These are only the latest victims of the Smalls’ scheme. We believe these deaths to be intentional and allege that the Smalls use these horses to defraud naive individuals by offering them part ownership in “racehorses”. Once the value of a horse as window-dressing for their scam is used up, these horses are either killed or abandoned to starve to death. Meanwhile, the Smalls move onto greener pastures.

Is it possible to stop the Smalls from continuing to use, abuse, and kill horses in the future? Maybe not. But we, the community of Ontario and the global community of horse lovers, want to try. In signing this petition, we ask that the laws of the province Ontario be fully enforced. No excuses, no negotiations. No more convenient deaths.

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