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(Chairman) - United States Olympic Committee: Accreditation of the "Continuous Airflare" to Pablo Flores.

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We, the undersigned who are representing in official form, as a world-wide Internet collective of Pioneers, Innovators, Creators, Aficionados and Enthusiast, but above all as dancers and fans of the Bboy Culture or commonly referred to by its media driven moniker, breakdancing, agree to the following. In 1998, Pablo Flores, a member of a dance team under the name of Climax Soul Control was recorded on video doing 2 Airflares in a row for the first time in Bboy history. In addition, at two separate competitions that same year (1998) in front of large public crowds and as featured in the video that is included with this petition, Pablo Flores also performed the continuous Airflare cementing his place on 3 separate videotaped occasions of this “first” with the Airflare maneuver. As a result of Pablo's innovation, the continuous Airflare is now a matriarch to modern day Airmoves within Bboying. To familiarize yourself with this maneuver, it was first performed by Morgan and Paul Hamm within an sanction USAGYM national competition and recently has been accepted by the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and FIG (Federation International Gymnastics) pertaining to the sport as an element in the Men's floor routine as seen in this year's Olympics (2012). As a world-wide collective, we humbly request per evidence of the video and first hand testimony made available upon request, that consideration, accommodation and accreditation be given in the form of an official record within your historical archives that Pablo Flores be recognized as the first person in human history to do the Continuous Airflare until proven otherwise by identical methods. Thank you!

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