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Forbid the airing of a graphic anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl

Radical anti-choice leader Randall Terry, of Operation Rescue, the man who cheered the murder of abortion doctor George Tiller the same day he was shot in his own church, is attempting to air ads for his presidential candidacy in 40 states during the Super Bowl, featuring bloody, aborted fetuses. Laws in these states mandate the showing of every political advertisement within 45 days of a primary election, so NBC stations will have no choice but to show the ad.

Tell FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski: Randall Terry must be prevented from hijacking our airwaves with gruesome ads and exploitation of pregnant women to promote his hate-filled agenda. Such a tasteless attempt to insert extremist views into the unsuspecting eyes of millions of Americans during what is normally the country's most-watched sporting event should be stopped.

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  • Chairman, Federal Communications Commission
    Julius Genachowski

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