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Endorse the 99% Campaign Finance Reform Pledge

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Money should not equal speech. Our Democracy is being distorted to the point of no return by the corrupting influence of corporate money on the political process. Our indiviudal voices are being subverted by corporate money that has so morals and hence no loyalty to any goal other than maximizing profits. Politicians owned and operated by corporations will not voluntarily relinquish this money or the privileges it has provided them. By signing this petition and pledge you will be declaring your support for a return to a genuine representative Democracy not controlled by corporations and the military industrial complex. It is time to take our Democracy back--of the people, by the people, and for the people!

To Help Save Our Democracy I Pledge That:

* I will not contribute more than $100 to any individual candidate in any specific election campaign or more than $100 per year to any political party;

* I will not vote for or make a contribution of any kind to any political candidate that accepts contributions of more than $100 from any individual contributor, accepts contributions from any political action committee [PAC] or similar organization, or accepts donations from any political party that does not limit its campaign contributions to individuals with a limit of $100 from those individuals per year; 

* I will not make a contribution of any kind to any political party that accepts contributions of more than $100 per year from any individual contributor or accepts contributions of any kind from any PAC or similar organization;

* I will not voluntarily contribute any money to any PAC or similar organization; 

* To the best of my ability to do so I will not do business with any company that contributes to a PAC or similar organization, that gives more than $100 to an individual political candidate for a specific election campaign, or that gives more than $100 per year to a political party; and, 

* I will honor this pledge in all future elections, agree to make candidates in elections in which I can vote aware of my pledge, and I will encourage my friends, family members and co-workers to agree to this pledge.


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