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CG, EQLA, BronyCon, EFNW, Las Pegasus Unicon, Other Brony Conventions: Ban YAC from performing, and from appearing in any Guest Of Honor role.

Yelling At Cats is a 'brony' rapper who uses mature themes and serious subject matter in his music. In a recent tweet [], he stated that he could be performing his song 'What Went Wrong,' which contains explicit lyrics including a death threat to another brony who goes by the name of 'Yamino' on some websites. Those lyrics can be found here [warning: aggressive and explicit lyrics, viewer discretion advised]: []. In addition to imagery of murdering Yamino, the songs contain strong anti-transgender/anti-gay slurring and mockery against her.

He is set to perform at Canterlot Gardens in Strongsville, Ohio, which takes place September 28th - September 30th, 2012. It may be too late to prevent his performance, but blocking any future performances at My Little Pony conventions by Yelling At Cats will not only improve the overall experience at these conventions, but also improve ticket sales by promoting an all-age experience and showing that hatred and violence are not acceptable values in the brony world (nor in society in general).

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