Free Roberto Gonzalez from Incarceration for a Crime He Did Not Commit

Free Roberto Gonzalez from Incarceration for a Crime He Did Not Commit

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Since July 19th, 2019 my father, Roberto Gonzalez, has been incarcerated for a murder he did not commit. One of my Dad’s closest friends, Jose Arredondo (an affluent Mexican-American businessman and car dealership owner in Bakersfield, CA) was murdered in his home in Cabo San Lucas on July 15th of 2019. The nature of Jose’s murder was an extremely violent one, with signs of torture apparent in the autopsy signalling that multiple perpetrators must have been present at the killing of Jose Arredondo. My dad was kidnapped by the corrupt State Police and has been in jail for 1 year without reason. 

Since my father was the last person to have dinner with his good friend Jose that evening, my father was arrested by corrupt Cabo San Lucas State Police without a warrant, and subsequently tortured for 9 nights and 10 days in hopes of forcing him to admit to the murder of Jose. His assailants also threatened to torture my Dad’s family members in front of him if he did not admit to murdering his friend. He never admitted to it because he knows he is innocent. Further, on the eve of a preliminary hearing where two of my Dad’s friends were set to testify for my father’s innocence, the couple was abducted from their home in Cabo and tortured by the state police in front of their young daughter, preventing them from attending the hearing the next morning. There is corruption and foul-play amongst the state officials and it breaks my heart that my home country is subjecting my father to such violations of his human rights.

My dad has been held in jail without a free or fair trial for 12 months now. With the onset of COVID-19 all trials were halted, which caused my dad’s case to be further ignored and neglected. There is currently a North American Human Rights investigation being conducted on his case as well. We need to put pressure on the authorities to continue their investigations and release my father.

My father is innocent. He has no prior criminal history, he is the kindest and most gentle person I know. He has been resilient in his fight for justice, all while mourning the loss of one of his best friends.