Block yet another puppy farm application in Ceredigion

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There is an application in front of Ceredigion planning committee for yet another puppy farm in the area. This application has 40 pens for a variety of breeds from dachshunds to lurcher.

Here is a link to the application


Ceredigion has an awful record of policing licenced puppy farms as was shown on the investigative TV report on puppy farms in the area on BBC Wales last Monday 8-30pm well worth a watch if you missed it. There are estimated to be 40 such establishments in the county plus a number of unlicensed puppy farms. The council only have 1 full time inspector to cover these establishments plus all their other duties consequently there is a very poor record of timely and accurate reports of the puppy farms in the county. Again this was highlighted in the BBC report which went quite a lot further implying a certain amount of collusion between the owners vets and council inspectors in ensuring that puppy farms malpractices still continue.

This application for yet another puppy farm  needs to be stopped. The planning officer has rejected the application purely on the grounds of contravening planning regulations as its being proposed for a green field site with tricky access however there is the danger of the councillors on the planning committee approving the application on the grounds of work for local people irrespective of the morality of yet another puppy farm: the only way to stop this is as much negative publicity as is possible so please sign this petition we have roughly a month to ensure that we get a massive petition against this application which the council can not ignore