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Petitioning CEO Sears/Kmart Eddie Lampert

CEOs of companies manufacturing in Bangladesh: ensure safe and just working conditions for garment workers there and worldwide

Dangerous conditions and brutal death are too high a price to pay for clothing. Boycott retailers until they reform their practices.

Letter to
CEO Sears/Kmart Eddie Lampert
and the CEOs of Wal-Mart, Benetton, Disney, Children’s Place, Cato, Primark, Disney, C&A, Li & Fung, Gap, JCP, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Kohl’s, and Mango

Clothing sold at your stores was made in Bangladeshi garment factories that have experienced fire incidents or collapse. The death toll from two events in the past six months – the Tazreen factory fire and the Rana Plaza building collapse – exceeds 600 people. Thousands more are affected through injuries or familial relationships.

We are unwilling to tolerate these inhumane conditions and will boycott your stores until you reform your practices.

We will not shop at your stores until you develop and implement a plan to do the following on a global basis. The plan must include a system of independent monitoring.

1. Ensure workers at factories where your garments are made worldwide are given the right to organize and bargain collectively. We expect you to ensure effective worker representation at each factory where your clothing is made.

2. Establish a compensation fund for workers injured or killed in factory incidents. European manufacturers whose clothes were made in the Tazreen factory have already agreed to compensate victims. American companies refused to pay compensation and failed to attend a meeting less than 10 days before deadly Rana Plaza collapse.

3. Ensure buildings are safe through a binding agreement that provides for independent inspections and upgrades as needed. The cost has been estimated at 10 cents per garment for a plan to promote factory soundness in Bangladesh.

4. Develop and implement plan to exclude toxic chemicals from the supply chain used to manufacture garments, as H&M and Marks & Spencer have done.

We look forward to shopping at your stores with the knowledge we are improving, not harming, those who made our clothes and our planet.

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