Take down this website used by pedophiles, predators and child abusers.

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Imgsrc looks like an ordinary photo sharing website until you search for ‘baby’ or ‘toddler’. This is where pages upon pages of albums pop up, where images are shared without the parents knowledge, and are rated, commented on and exchanged by pedophiles, predators and child abusers alike.

Please do not visit the website but instead report it to your local police and any appropriate organisations, such as IWF or COEP.

The usernames are completely vile and the comments underneath these photos are equally horrific.

There’s also password protected albums on this website, which are said to have actual images of abuse from parents that are still in custody of the children shared. As well as nudity and explicit content.

A website like this should have been taken down as soon as the inappropriate content began popping up, but instead it has been active for years, allowing pedophiles and abusers a platform to freely view and save and exchange images of children.

This website NEEDS to be taken down and the abusers using it NEED to be found and dealt with.