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STOP Drilling For Oil In The ARCTIC Think Globally and Act Responsibly towards combating Climate Change and Preserving The Fragile Arctic Environment, It's Species and Communities.

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Speak Up - STOP Supporting SHELL On the last weekend of November 2015 -- leaders will arrive for the Paris Climate Summit -- To demonstrate an unprecedented Worldwide Agreement to Think Globally and Act Responsibly towards combating Climate Change. As It's Now Everyone's Global Responsibility to Combat Climate Change especially large trusted global corporations with patrons and customers worldwide - as these companies can easily invest in and research pioneering technologies for Renewable Energy. (Just As Apple researched and introduced pioneering Smartphone technology). Despite Millions Of Worldwide Global Citizens recently requesting Shell not to Drill for Oil in the Pristine Arctic in 2015, which is an outdated manner of acquiring Carbon Filled Fossil Fuels that was only once acceptable and pioneered in Generations prior to Global Climate Change. Shell have managed to obtain permits to drill for Oil in a site that should be declared as a World Heritage Site. This Arctic Area is not some desert or inland wasteland that wouldn't suffer any environmental disasters as inevitable oil spills occur during oil production. By doing this Shell have Made Decisions without Consideration And Worse Still they have Demonstrated that they are Acting Irresponsibly with NO Regard to the Global effects of Climate Change or Environmental Disaster. Scientists have evidenced Climate Change with rising water temperatures melting the Arctic Sea Ice - opening vast areas of ocean that have been previously inaccessible to shipping and the Shell Icebreaker had to recently return to Portland after being damaged after hitting an object in the Arctic Sea. Scientists have also recently documented in 2015 seeing the effects of this Arctic Sea Ice melting at faster rates, allowing further accelerated rates of trapped carbon to escape from the once frozen Permafrost and Methane Gas Plumes are now rising and escaping out of the ocean in areas 1 km wide - this has never been seen before. Yet Shell and the Government have buried their heads in the sand - so to speak and are totally ignoring the fact that drilling for Oil In The Arctic is dangerous for all Arctic Environments, Arctic Habitat and Species already trying to exist in conditions of unusually high temperatures with melted Sea Ice as they are threatened with Extinction. This is not to mention that there has been no consideration for the far reaching global effects of Climate Change already being endured by this and upcoming Future Generations in various countries across the globe as we witness and experience severe and destructive weather events, seen as storms and floods wiping out environments, habitats, towns and lives along with the opposite extreme of no water and wild fire events also destroying environments, habitats and species along with homes and lives. Is this the Heritage and Legacy that you want to leave for your children, grandchildren and future generations? Paradoxically it's the environments and species that children love the most that are being threatened with extinction namely Arctic Sea Creatures and Habitats and Jungle Habitats and Animals as these environments first endure the severest extremes of Climate Change. Help To Take A Stand - Say - Shell NO - And put your money into other motoring and toy products apart from Lego which are made from Shell's Oils. Travellers throughout Australia and other Countries Worldwide spend hundreds of dollars weekly especially when travelling and touring around vast expanses of countryside and have loyally supported Shell motoring products. Yet when members of this same community make a reasonable request Shell to demonstrate Care and Consideration towards the Arctic Environment, SHELL have simply ignored these requests. Please STOP Supporting SHELL Go Well - Don't Go Shell and let Shell know that as a member of our global community that it's time for SHELL to Think Globally and Act Responsibly - And To Stop Acting Like A Dinosaur - and Contributing To An Accelerated Extinction Of Threatened Species and Contributing To The Accelerated Effects Of Climate Change. If you simply put your money where your mouth is - so to speak - and demonstrate that you are willing to spend your households one hundred plus Petrol and Oil dollars each week and any business or motor touring dollars on other Companies fuel products - Then Shell might just begin to get the Message. If Between 1 - 10 Million Plus households and supporters of Save The Arctic switch to $100:00 Other Oil / Toy Products each week- Shell will Globally feel the effects of a SHIFT of Up To One Billion Dollars That's $1,000,000,000 Each WEEK. If multiplied by 52 Weeks - That's A Shift of 52 Billion Dollars! Let Shell KNOW - It's Time To Start Listening. Go Well - Don't Go Shell By refusing to patronise Shell - as they won't listen to their Patrons. Please Sign, Send and Promote this Petition on your Facebook Page and send it to friends, relatives and business associates worldwide. Your Children Will Thank You, Your Grandchildren Will Thank You and Communities Threatened With Extreme Climate Change Events Will Thank You Along With Any People Trying To Save Species From Extinction Who Will Also Thank You!

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