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Scot Rail - Make Young Scot Card Discounts last up till the end of the age of 21.

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Students pay a ridiculous amount of money on transport a year and a lot of us are living only just above or on the poverty line. I feel students should still be able to get a 50% discount using their Young Scot Cards up till the end of being 21 years old as a majority of us are studying till then.

Students study to be able to progress towards a job, we are very limited financially and struggle. I want Scot Rail to try tackle this problem and change their discount system for Young Scot Card Holders and boost the age from 18 up till the end of being 21 years old as it would assist us to be able to have an education as a lot of us have to travel with Scot Rail to get to School's, Colleges, University's e.t.c. We roughly study for about three years after coming out of high school, at the end of sixth year.

I personally travel between Greenock West and Glasgow and have to get on a train 5 times a week as I am a Full Time Student. I pay £1,560 a year which is £30 a week when purchasing a weekly ticket, if I was to buy a return ticket it would cost me £8.10 and apparently its cheaper than a single ticket according to the train stations and ticket examiners. That would cost a ridiculous amount of £2,948 a year which I think is ridiculous to ask a student to pay for, this could be used towards students studies, course fees and accommodation. A majority of people I know have to get on a three trains to get to College/University which I could imagine would cost them a fortune.

If they still included a 50% discount my train fares would cost £15 a week, at the end of the year it would add up to £780 which is still really expensive, its a massive difference to us and people that have to get a few trains, the discount should also be allowed to be used at peak times as they don't accept them.

I emphasise that students are heard out, Im one and Its really important we are able to have our right to an education, transport limits us because of costs. I feel by Scot Rail changing this, it would encourage a lot more customers to use Scot Rail's transport service.

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